3d Game Engine Retrospective


NOTE This is a work in progress. Demo links on here depend a lot on your system and video card. But give them a go - you’ll know if they work.

I’ve finished some of the key features of my little 3d engine. The list includes Basic Levels, sprites, sounds, and basic interactions between objects. Enough features to build a small game - which, arguably, is the hardest part.

I’ve started cutting down my original idea into some much smaller and far less ambitious. I figure if I can get a basic game out, then perhaps I can keep chipping away at the engine.

The engine has gotten to a point where all the MVP feature on the road map work or are in alpha. I thought it would be nice to do a retrospective / demo of what’s there so far. The following are a couple videos showing progress, level creation and some frustrations.

Demo of Features

Level Creation / Editing

Problems / Frustrations

Useful Resources

After thinking about if I should push on or not, I decided to continue to chip away at this until it’s something useful. Granted it might take another year to make some sort of game, and by then WebGL might not work, but hey nothing we build on the Internet lasts for very long anyway right?