Living Below the Line - Day 2


This year, I decided to take part in the Living Below the Line fundraising campaign. Living Below the Line aims to raise awareness about poverty by challenging people to live off of $1.50(USD) a day (the U.S. equivalent of the extreme poverty line). If you’d like, you can donate to my campaign or donate to the cause in general.

As you might have read in Day 1, my strategy is to live exclusively off beans and rice for the next 5 days as that was all my $7.50 could afford.

Well, today the caffeine withdrawal headache has subsided. I am not hungry, but I don’t feel very energetic. I did manage to run 7k yesterday and 5k today, but both were a struggle. I would hate to be in school right now or working on a tough project.

I am sure what I am eating will keep me functioning, but I am no where near functioning at 100%. I must say it’s not too bad, but the food is really starting to get bland. My kingdom for some hot sauce.

Speaking of which, I already had a fleeting thought of thievery. I thought, “It doesn’t say anything in the rules about stealing food…” and I came up with a crazy fantasy of going into a Taco Bell and grabbing a handful of the hot sauces. I should have found a way to include tabasco sauce.

Tomorrow is one of my big running days, and I am interested in seeing how well it goes.