YASnippet Emacs Snippets - Like Textmate


I’ve gone back to Emacs for all my text processing needs for some reason. Well, I think the main reason was I’ve been going back and forth between Linux, Mac, and Windows on my latest project at work, and there wasn’t a common editor between all three that I liked… save my old friend Emacs.

I’ve always used emacs for one thing or another, but I’ve grown very used to Textmate on the Mac for coding. One of Textmate’s strong points is snippets. Once I got used to having them, it has become difficult to live without them. Enter YASnippets - snippets for Emacs that look, feel, work, and use the same syntax as Textmate snippets. Score.

I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking if there is anything like Textmate on Linux, and I’ve had to say no; however, if you add in yashnippets, color-theme, weblogger and a few other bits to Emacs you pretty much have Textmate.

Granted, Emacs is far more powerful than Textmate so there is going to be a learning curve, but hey, you are on Linux everything has a learning curve ^_^

You can download YASnippets on the Google Code project page.

On a side note I’ve been quite surprised at the number of new projects and tutorials there are around Emacs. It would appear that it is having a bit of a rediscovery by other people as well. Stranger still, the vast majority of them are in Chinese or Japanese. Interesting.