Bringing Up an EC2 Instance (Movie)


I use Amazon’s S3 quite a bit and I really like it. I’ve also been very curious about using Amazon’s EC2 - their cloud computing product.

If you’ve never heard of it, what EC2 allows you to do is bring up images of computers into a big network of processing power and bandwidth. It’s like you have a whole box under your control, but … there is no box. It’s like VMWare for servers. The billing for these instances is by the minute hour - around $0.10 for Linux and $0.12 for windows - so you can bring up test boxes only when you want them, or throw a bit of extra power at a problem.

Anyway, it all sounds fun, but where does one start? I decided to sit down last weekend and start figuring it out. My ultimate goal with this, by the way, is to bring up an EC2 instance, put Railo 3 on it, install FarCry, and then move my blog over to FarCry.

Here are a few movies about what I’ve found so far. These are just on how to bring up an EC2 instance, and I’ll be making some more as I progress.

Part 1

(Since youtube wont let me upload a 12 minute video…)

Part 2