Blogging From Within Eclipse - metaWeblog Plugin


I’ve been meaning to write this Eclipse plugin for a while, and yesterday I just pulled an all nighter to get it out. You probably know how it is; sometimes you just have to finish that nagging project. I’ve been wanting to write this post and put it out all day too, but I had to wait till I was done with work.

Finally… so here it is. It’s an Eclipse plugin that lets you post to metaWeblog enabled blogs (I only know for sure it works with WordPress , and while posting does work with BlogCFC, entry listing does not and BlogCFC). It is probably only going to be used by coders as there is no wysiwyg - it can use the Afae editor to do HTML syntax highlighting though (or any HTML editor you assign to edit the *.blog file type).

It is beta right now, but it will add, update, and list items from your blog. I somewhat stole … well OK, I totally stole the user interface for it from Textmate (it’s very geeky). If you know how to post blogs in Textmate this should seem very familiar.

As usual, here is a movie of how it works:

Blogging from Eclipse

Pretty snazzy eh? You can download it on the Afae site, and you’ll need to update the Afae editor to get the .blog file syntax highlighting.

Some other related plugins are the following:

Remember it is beta. But I am using it for this blog :)