Mac Chinese Keyboard?


I started taking a class to learn to speak and read / write Chinese. One cool thing about Mac is you can type Chinese without a Chinese keyboard (System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu if you are curious).

The thing about trying to type Chinese with an American style keyboard is you have to use like 3 or 4 keystrokes to do one character. Plus, being a noob, I am not totally sure how to find the right character (I think they are based on radical but I am not sure).

In order to learn a bit easier, I’ve been trying to find a Mac keyboard in Chinese. I’ve looked on ebay and done some searches, but to no avail.

To be frank, I am not even sure they exist - I would imagine they do as Apple has a Chinese site, but I can’t order a Chinese keyboard from the US Apple store, and I have doubts I’d be able to order one from the Chinese store.

If you stumble on this entry and have any idea where I can get one please let me know.

(I know there are a few windows style Chinese keyboards on ebay, but I’d rather have a Mac one to match my computer (worst case I guess I’ll get the windows based one))

When moving my blog to WordPress I lost the comments. In the comments on this post was a link to a useful piece of software: You can use this application on Mac to type in pinyin and the application will replace the pinyin text with Chinese characters.