9ne 0.82 Beta Released


9ne is an online, syntax highlighting, text editor.

I just put the latest beta up. The main changes in this version are:

(Or you can read my poorly spelled release notes. Which is actually a change log and requires a 9ne enabled browser.)

The first one is pretty obvious. The second one is the cooler part to me. What it means is that you can just type some javascript in the editor and have it run. Say you just type “alert(‘hi’)” on any line in the editor. You can then do CTRL+X L on Mac or CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R on Windows / Linux and it’ll evaluate that javascript and show an alert “hi”.

There is also eval-region and eval-buffer which allow you to run a block of the file or the whole file.

I also have updated the wiki to explain how to add extension and your own key bindings to the editor.

9ne still doesn’t work in IE. In fact, I am thinking about just not including it in the supported browsers. It almost works in a read only fashion, but still has some major problems. As always if you spot a bug while using FF or Safari you can add a bug report from the project page.